Indonesian woman discovers husband is actually a woman post-wedding

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A 23 year old Indonesian woman was left stunned when she discovered her prospective husband, whom she had known for two years, was a woman. The two had met on social media and were residents of the same town. They decided to marry after dating for two years, and a ceremony was held in a village in West Java, Indonesia.

The woman brought their marriage documents to the religious affairs office the following day, hoping to have their union legally registered. The officials were shocked to discover that the groom from the previous day was a woman. Not only was the bride taken aback, but the staff present were equally incredulous and immediately denied the couple’s application for marriage registration.

Once word got out, local law enforcement began an investigation and summoned everyone involved in the wedding. Ultimately, the 25 year old woman admitted to deceiving her partner about her gender. The deceived bride, despite being tricked, accepted some blame for her lack of caution. She chose not to pursue legal action, asking only for them to separate and never see each other again, reported Mirrormedia.

A staff member from the religious affairs office reported that everyone present couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

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“The groom from yesterday’s ceremony was, in fact, a woman.”

A local law enforcement officer launched an investigation into the matter, summoning all those involved in the wedding ceremony.

“The 25 year old woman admitted to posing as a man and misleading her partner about her true gender.”

The deceived bride, despite being tricked, accepted some blame for her lack of caution.

“Even though I was deceived, I also believe I made a mistake by not being careful.”

She has chosen not to pursue legal action against her former partner and requested that they part ways and never meet again.

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