Distinctive underwear leads to arrest of tobacconist robber a year later

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A trio of armed robbers stormed a tobacconist on 109th Ave, USA, on September 14 last year before escaping, only to be caught a year later due to the distinctive underwear one of the culprits wore during the crime. The criminals, all wearing masks, arrived in a Mazda car. Two of them pointed guns at staff and customers while the third stole money and various products, including one employee’s mobile phone.

In November, CCTV footage revealed one of the suspects wearing low-rise trousers, exposing vibrant underwear with a large white R and the number 1990 in yellow. This matched the underwear worn by one of the culprits seen in the footage of the crime. The CCTV image was shared on social media and quickly spread, leading to a local citizen reporting an Instagram account showing a man regularly wearing similar underwear and trying to sell the stolen goods, reported Sanook.

After examining images and several other videos on the account, investigators concluded the man in the colourful underwear was indeed a suspect in the robbery. They were able to definitively identify the individual as Hussein.

Hussein was apprehended on November 22, at his South Ozone Park home before making a court appearance in Brooklyn, New York. Meanwhile, the police are still pursuing the other two suspects involved in the theft. Despite careful disguise, it was ultimately the unforgettable underwear that led to one criminal’s downfall.

In related news, two robbers in Vietnam made a pig’s ear of stealing from an empty shop when the owner returned to the store. One of the robbers fled the scene leaving his partner in crime waiting on the getaway motorcycle. The store owner then jumped on the getaway motorcycle with robber number one and asked him to pursue his friend. To read more click HERE

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