Robbers’ comedic blunder in Vietnam turns empty shop heist into a farce

PHOTO via Sanook

In something that resembled a Laurel and Hardy slapstick sketch, two robbers in Vietnam made a pig’s ear of stealing from an empty shop when the owner returned to the store. One of the robbers fled the scene leaving his partner in crime waiting on the getaway motorcycle. The store owner then jumped on the getaway motorcycle with robber number one and asked him to pursue his friend.

CCTV footage captured the incident that took place around 9am on Monday, May 15, and understandably went viral in the online community.

Two young robbers were seen calmly circling the cafe on a motorbike.

Upon noticing no one was inside the shop, one of the wannabe robbers quickly jumped off the motorbike and entered the shop to commit the robbery. He decided to steal a large metal ladder while his partner remained on the motorbike, waiting outside.

However, when the robber was preparing to leave the shop with the ladder, the owner returned unexpectedly, triggering a frantic pursuit. Because the ladder was oversized, the robber abandoned it to flee from the scene but, seemingly disoriented, forgot to hop onto the motorbike waiting for him.

Coincidentally, the store owner, who just dashed out of the cafe in pursuit of the robber, found someone on a motorbike by the side of the road and asked for help to catch the robber. The motorbike rider at first appeared shocked but, realising the owner did not know he was the accomplice, played along and started the engine to help the store owner chase his partner in crime.

The video ends as the motorbike exits the CCTV’s view, leaving the conclusion of the pursuit unclear. Nevertheless, the hilarious turn of events has sparked laughter among many netizens, who have shared their amusement in the robber’s likely astonishment upon being betrayed by his partner, as the series of unexpected twists unfolded.

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