Czech man behind trans Thai refugee attack avoids Paris trial

The Czech man behind an attack on a Thai trans activist has had his appeal delayed again.

A Paris court postponed the appeal trial of Petr Donatek, a Czech man who allegedly hired two thugs to beat up trans activist Aum Neko and musician Nithiwat Wannasiri in France. According to Prachatai, Aum Neko is a political refugee in France, well known for her virulent position against the Thai state.

Donatek is appealing against a 30-month sentence he was handed in absentia for his role in the case. Donatek was not in the dock long. His lawyer claimed personal problems and certified that Thai and Czech interpreters were not available. The president of the court postponed the trial to January 19.

After the coup of May 2014, about 100 political activists fled the country, mostly involved in the red-shirt movement. The attack happened in Paris around midnight on November 17, 2019.

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Czech man behind trans Thai refugee attack avoids Paris trial | News by Thaiger
The attack occurred just a few minutes after this pic was taken.

A small group of Thai refugees were dining at a brasserie in District 15 of Paris when two men with hoods over their heads, entered the bar and attacked Aum Neko and musician Nithiwat Wannasiri. The Thais fought back and the attackers fled, but they were pursued by Aum Neko’s companion, who called the police. A few minutes later, they were stopped by police while trying to steal a scooter.

Two Czech nationals, Jakub Hosek and Daniel Vokal, were arrested for the attack but may have had a different target.

During their trial, the two heavies claimed to have been hired by a third Czech man, Petr Donatek.

Donatek was in Paris on the day of the assault but returned home to the Czech Republic without being arrested. Hosek and Vokal each received 26-month jail sentences but have been released.

Donatek, the alleged organiser of the attack, was sentenced to 30 months in jail in absentia. He was detained in Italy last October and extradited to France. Since then, he has been in jail in a suburb of Paris.

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