Toddler home alone stirs debate after preparing own milk in China

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A three and a half year old boy has stirred up emotions online after being caught on camera preparing his own powdered milk and putting himself to sleep while home alone. The incident took place in Hefei, Anhui province, China, and was reported by Jiupai News on December 12.

The video footage reveals the boy sitting at a dining table, opening a can of powdered milk, and pouring it into a baby bottle. He then adds water to the mixture, carefully descends from his chair, and secures the bottle’s lid before shaking it to mix the contents. Having crafted his own meal, he then settles down on the floor to drink the milk, reported Jiupai News.

The mother of the three and a half year old boy explained that on the day of the incident, she had to return to work after bringing her son home. The father, whose work schedule was irregular, could only monitor their son through a home baby monitor. “He was home alone at the time, and we never taught him how to prepare powdered milk,” she admitted. She also confirmed that the water used for the milk was at a constant temperature.

Upon its release on social media, the video drew mixed responses from netizens. Some praised the young boy’s resourcefulness and self-reliance. However, others expressed their sadness, criticising the parents for leaving their child alone at home. Comments such as, “Watching this makes me very sad”, “What kind of parents leave their child alone at home?” and “Next, he’ll probably be washing his own bottles” filled the comment section.

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