Shanghai delivery man’s advice to home-alone toddler goes viral

A recent incident in Shanghai involving a three year old girl left home alone has stirred concern and warmth on social media. The girl, who was left alone at home, was asked to open the door by a delivery man. The incident, which ended with a cautionary note, has since gone viral, reminding parents of the potential dangers of leaving young children unattended.

In the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, a three-year-old girl found herself home alone. Coincidentally, a delivery man was scheduled to drop off a parcel at her residence at the same time. When he arrived, he was met with the girl’s initial refusal to open the door, as if she had been trained to do so.

However, after explaining that he needed to deliver the parcel and repeatedly asking if there were any adults at home, he was eventually forced to contact the girl’s parents to inform them of the situation. It was only after receiving permission that he was able to enter the house to complete his delivery.

Before leaving to continue his duties, the delivery man left the young girl with a piece of advice: Don’t open the door any more.

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In a follow-up interview, the delivery man expressed his shock at finding the young girl home alone. He expressed concern that others may knock on the door, potentially putting the child in danger. Unaware of the attention his warning would receive, he simply saw his actions as normal, stating, Even if it wasn’t me, another delivery person would probably do the same.

His cautionary words not only served as a safety reminder for the young girl but also acted as a wake-up call for parents. Netizens praised the delivery man for his kindness, responsibility, and commendable actions.

Safety Reminder

The delivery man, a father of two children of similar age to the little girl, confessed that he rarely gets to see his children due to his busy work schedule, usually only once a year. He often advises his children not to open the door to strangers and tries not to leave them home alone, as he understands that children aged three to four still lack awareness in many aspects of self-protection.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks that can arise when young children are left unattended, highlighting the importance of child safety. It also showcases the kindness and responsibility that can come from unexpected sources, in this case, a delivery man just doing his job, reported Sanook.

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