Mooncake hilarity ensues as gift circles back to original buyer in Changjiang

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As the Mooncake Festival approached, a man from Changjiang district in Guangdong province, China, found himself in a humorous situation. After purchasing a five-bean mooncake as a gift, he unknowingly received the same mooncake back within half a month, passed around by several hands.

According to a Chinese media report, the man shared a brief video saying, “This mooncake box has travelled a lot.” He purchased the mooncake on September 6, produced on August 24, and gave it to relatives two days later on September 8. Unexpectedly, one of his friends came to visit on September 20 and returned the same box to him.

The proof that it was the same mooncake box was an accidental dent on the tin packaging created when he paid for it initially, turning into an unintentional unique mark. After some investigation, it was found that after he gave the mooncake to his relatives, they gave it to other relatives, who then gave it to friends, who in turn gave it back to him, reported Sanook.

Within just 12 days, the mooncake box had changed hands five times. The man laughed at himself stating, “I’m the only one who paid for it, and inescapably, I have to be the one to eat it.” The video went viral, sparking heated debates among netizens.

In related gift news, two weeks ago, a photograph of a young woman receiving risqué gifts from her superiors sparked a heated debate among Chinese netizens.

The woman posted the images on Weibo, sharing her tale of receiving presents from those she referred to as Deputy Director Gao, Boss Jing and other superiors. The controversy escalated due to the nature of the gifts, which were suggestive items such as sexy lingerie and adult toys.

In a move that has set the digital realm ablaze, a woman sparked widespread controversy by sharing a series of risqué images of herself, all the while asserting that she’s diligently serving the public. To read more click HERE

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