Thai condo owner discovers shocking state after foreign tenants leave

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A landlord issued a warning to others after some foreign tenants trashed a luxury condominium in Thailand. The discovery was made by the owner of the condo when she was contacted by the management of the building due to the tenants’ unpaid electricity bills.

TikTok user @fang_pacara posted a cautionary tale for landlords after she found her property in a shocking state. Having rented her apartment to foreigners through an agency, she was surprised to learn that her foreign tenants were behind on their electricity bills and were illegally using the common area’s electricity. The condo’s legal entity had reached out to her, prompting her to inspect her property, where she discovered the shocking scene.

The owner provided a tour of the apartment, revealing a rubbish-strewn disaster zone. Items were scattered throughout the room, pictures were drilled into the walls, and cats were secretly kept, leading to further damage. The curtains had been shredded by the cats and many items were broken.

In her video, the owner explained that the apartment had been rented through an agency, which had failed to maintain the room. She lamented the messy state of the rented space, the foreign tenants’ unpaid electricity bills and their theft of electricity from the common area. She expressed her frustration, asking, “How can we live like this? Oh my God!”

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After the post was made public, many people expressed their opinions. Some wondered who the two people sleeping in the apartment. The owner made known there was more than one living there.

“There’s one Thai child, a friend of their son. The child, who is 16 years old, speaks fluent Thai, and neither of them attends school.”

Others expressed concern for the cats left in the room by the foreign tenants, suspecting they might be hungry, reported Sanook.

The owner later added that the foreign tenants had moved out, taking all their belongings and the cats with them, leaving her uncertain about the cats’ fate.

A search is underway to track down the messy foreigners.

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