Dog leash drama: Woman leading boyfriend sparks debate in China


A video clip of a young woman leading her boyfriend on a dog leash while shopping has sparked a heated online debate in China. The woman was seen making her boyfriend crawl on the street and berating him to move faster when he struggled to keep up.

The young woman had attached a dog leash around the young man’s neck, then paraded him on his knees, demanding he crawl along the ground. If he lagged behind her pace, she would turn around and yell and yank the dog leash forcefully.

The humiliating act of crawling on the ground was too painful, exhausting, and embarrassing for the young man. He tried desperately to free himself from his degrading circumstance, as he didn’t want to crawl but didn’t dare to stand up due to the woman’s commands. The shocking scene quickly attracted a large crowd of onlookers who took photos and live-streamed the event.

However, when the police intervened, considering the woman’s actions as potential personal freedom restriction or intentional humiliation, the man quickly defended that she was his girlfriend and that all of their actions were consensual and not forced.

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When questioned, the woman calmly stated that it was their family matter, implying there should be no problem, and it was not a crime. Nonetheless, even though they didn’t commit any crime, their actions affected the city’s image and disrupted traffic. Therefore, the police had to intervene. But as the police were about to remove the leash, the woman sternly admonished them.

“Don’t touch, I’ll do it myself.”

After the young man was freed, the police began to warn and educate both of them. Soon, they both admitted their mistake and quickly disappeared from the scene, reported Sanook.

Netizens React

Many people view the woman’s treatment of her boyfriend as disrespectful, and they should not display such behaviour in public. Ultimately, it is an affront to morality. It is well known that everyone is equal, but this couple’s behaviour has spread negatively and grossly, and they should be punished at the police station.

“Actually, this boy is loved by his parents at home, but he lives a dignified life in love. What will his parents think when they see this?”

“The girl’s behaviour reflects her overall qualities. With such excellent teaching, her parents must bear some responsibility.”

“How long can such a twisted love last? From this perspective, the boy is too accommodating, and the girl is too arrogant.”

“Why does a man have to do this? Being led by a woman, he faces the strange eyes of the outside world in such a demeaning way. In this regard, your girlfriend does not love you at all, and you should think deeply about the future. It’s okay not to have such a girlfriend.”

“How sad it would be if the parents of this boy knew that their future daughter-in-law had such a character?”

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