Chinese woman attends blind date in pyjamas, surprises rich suitor

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A woman in Sichuan province, China, caused a stir on social media when she turned up at a blind date in her pyjamas. She was not keen on tying the knot early, contrary to her parents’ insistence. However, the wealthy, handsome, and good-natured man she met left her astonished and confused.

In today’s fast-paced world, the average marriage age is on the rise, causing concern for many parents. They worry when they see their grown-up children showing no interest in marriage. Consequently, they use their good relationships with friends or acquaintances to find dates for their children. However, not all children appreciate this kind of intervention.

This was the case with a young woman in Sichuan province, China, who was coerced by her family into going on a blind date. Her parents insisted that she meet the man they had introduced, claiming him to be an excellent match.

They even threatened that she wouldn’t be allowed to return home if she refused. With no other option, she complied but decided to dress poorly to discourage the suitor.

On the day of the date, she appeared at a restaurant in Sichuan dressed in her planned pyjamas. She arrived early and assured herself that her attire would make the man leave without uttering a word. The reason behind this was her reluctance to marry early as per her parents’ demands and her desire to enjoy singlehood for another two to three years.

Originally, she thought this blind date would be like previous ones, where the suitors couldn’t even look her in the eye. But she was wrong. The man did not show any anger or disappointment at her attire. He greeted her politely.

Spanish inquisition

Despite being shocked and puzzled by the unexpected behaviour, she stuck to her plan and bombarded him with questions to create a bad first impression, reported Sanook.

“Do you have a car?”

“I drive a BMW.”

“Do you have a house?”

“It’s close to your family’s home.”

“Do you have any savings?”

“Around seven figures.”

Hearing the man’s serene responses, she realised he wasn’t lying. She hadn’t anticipated her parents telling her the whole truth about her date being genuinely wonderful. The date turned out to be amazing. This man was not only polite, educated, tall, and handsome, but his family background was impressive too.

However, she didn’t want to pretend any longer.

“Just leave it, I’m not good enough for you!”

Surprisingly, the affluent man didn’t heed her words, instead, paying her a compliment.

“You’re cute too!”

The compliment made her blush.

This bewildering blind date story garnered significant attention when shared on social media. Most netizens opined that honesty is crucial for a successful blind date.

“On a blind date, a woman doesn’t need to look beautiful. You can be your true self. Many men like the simplicity of women.”

“He must have been surprised to see his date in pyjamas, and it might be what aroused his interest in her.”

“Give it a shot. If you don’t click, you can still be friends. It’s a chance to expand your friend circle. It’s not a big deal!”

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