Woman exposes sister-in-law’s affair during brother’s jail time

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A Taiwanese woman recently uncovered her sister-in-law’s infidelity towards her incarcerated brother. The woman discovered the affair after her brother was imprisoned in April this year, and she shared the distressing details on her Facebook group.

The woman explained that her sister-in-law started a relationship with another man soon after her brother was jailed. She became aware of this when she was blocked on social media by her sister-in-law. The situation further escalated when the sister-in-law abandoned their two children, leaving them in the care of her and her mother. Even the parents of the sister-in-law lost contact with their daughter.

Adding further to the drama, the woman found out that her sister-in-law is now pregnant with the other man’s child. The man is aware that the woman is still legally married but remains unconcerned, believing in their mutual love.

The woman and her mother have not yet disclosed the truth to her brother, instead telling him that his wife is extremely busy with work and has no time to visit him, rather than telling him she is having an affair, reported Khaosod.

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The woman expressed concern, noting that while they are not yet divorced, her brother has another two years of his sentence remaining. She worries about the potential impact on him when he learns the truth after his release.

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