Caw machine caper: Doll quest lands child locked in prsion, sparks daring rescue mission

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Toys have an irresistible allure for children, and their determination to acquire them can lead to unexpected escapades. In a recent incident, believed to have unfolded in China, a young child’s desire to claim a doll from a claw machine took an unexpected turn. The child ingeniously managed to get inside the machine but overlooked the critical exit plan, prompting a daring rescue operation to unfold.”

The child, in his quest to obtain the toy, had clambered into the machine without considering the implications. Once inside, he realised that he had overlooked his way out, causing mild chaos. The rescue officials had to intervene in this unusual situation, reported Sanook.

Despite the unexpected predicament, the child was safely extracted from the machine via the same entry route. Throughout the ordeal, the child remained remarkably composed, appearing nonplussed as if nothing untoward had occurred. His single-minded pursuit of the doll was all that mattered to him.

Last month, an unusual creative spark in a child, using mosquito coils as a plaything, found its way onto social media, showcasing the child’s impressive potpourri of art creations. Netizens were stumped by the child’s ingenuity while advising parents to encourage such creativity rather than stifling it.

Social media yesterday was abuzz with several photos posted on a Facebook group. The caption accompanying the photos read…

“When you possess immense artistic brilliance and haven’t been scolded by your mother for too long… This is what the innocent mosquito coil transpires into.”

The photos depicted a child, donned in a blue outfit, seated on the floor of their house and wholly engaged in breaking the coil into pieces and subsequently giving them varying shapes – from a cluster of dolls to an appealing depiction of a plump, smiling pig. To read more click HERE.

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