Jilted John: Taiwanese bride abruptly cancels wedding mid-ceremony

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A Taiwanese bride‘s wedding took an unexpected turn when she abruptly called off the ceremony mid-event, leaving the groom and guests stunned.

The Taiwanese bride announced her decision on stage, before hastily leaving the venue, leaving behind a bewildered groom and shocked attendees.

Weddings are considered a significant chapter in life, not only symbolising the culmination of a couple’s love but also serving as a crucial ceremony in fostering closer relations between two families. However, in a rare occurrence in Taiwan, the bride suddenly announced the cancellation of the wedding on stage, leaving the groom and guests in shock.

In a clip shared on social media, the wedding took place in a lavishly decorated hotel. The bride and groom stood on stage, about to take vows to be together for the rest of their lives, as a large audience watched the romantic scene. The groom expressed his deepest feelings prior to the shock.

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“I am very happy because I have you. Thank you for marrying me. I love you.”

However, the unexpected happened. In response to the groom’s sweet words, the bride appeared indifferent.

“Actually, I love you too. But when I put on my wedding dress and walked into this hall with you, I hesitated a bit. I feel we are not compatible. I’m sorry…I can’t marry you.”

Immediately after her speech, the bride handed the microphone to the nearby master of ceremonies, threw her wedding bouquet behind her, lifted her dress, and sprinted out of the hall, leaving a stunned groom and a large number of surprised guests.

Reaction and comments

After the initial shock, the groom quickly picked up the bouquet and ran after the bride, seeking a clear explanation for this sudden turn of events. The hall erupted into chaos as guests tried to comprehend what had happened, reported Sanook.

The report also mentioned that the wedding was eventually called off. The exact reason behind this abrupt decision remains unclear. The incident quickly attracted the attention of online communities, with most expressing dissatisfaction and criticising the bride’s confusing actions.

“It’s okay to be heartbroken, but at least you should respect the groom and leave him with some dignity. Choose a suitable time, not in front of many people and make it a joke like that. What you did was really too much.”

“Does this woman think she’s the heroine in a romantic movie? She must think it’s so beautiful and cool to run out of the hall like that.”

“From the moment of love to the wedding day, there is a long time. There are many opportunities to refuse if you feel unsuitable. But she chose the most inappropriate time. I really admire her.”

“I’m just curious, in this case, is the bride’s family responsible for all the losses? Everyone knows how much effort and money it takes to organise a wedding, not to mention the relationship with the invited guests.”

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