Typhoon tempest sets 71 crocs on the loose, but Guangdong roundup reels ’em in

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An extensive operation in Guangdong province successfully recaptured 71 escaped crocodiles, according to Chinese state media. A flood resulting from a typhoon in the city of Maoming, earlier this month, led to the reptiles escaping from a commercial farm.

The group of escapees consisted of 69 fully-grown crocodiles and two juveniles. Footage released by Beijing News depicted several crocodiles in mud, their jaws bound shut with fabric and rope, as workers with umbrellas stood amongst them.

Crocodiles in China are bred for various purposes including their skin and meat, which is occasionally utilised in traditional medicine. The flood-affected region also houses a crocodile theme park and the country’s largest crocodile breeding base, as reported by China National Radio.

Earlier this month, parts of Guangdong province, including the city of Shenzhen, experienced the heaviest rainfall since records began in 1952. The extreme weather conditions led to significant flooding and subsequent damage and disruption, including the escape of the crocodiles from the commercial farm.

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In July, ten crocodiles mysteriously disappeared from a local farm in the Tung Yai district of the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat yesterday after the area was hit by a deluge. Locals managed to capture four of the escaped reptiles but six others are still at large in the residential area.

The district office swiftly issued an official warning to residents in the affected area, cautioning them about the potential dangers posed by the escaped crocodiles. The spot where these animals fled is quite close to a popular play area for local children and near to where some residents keep their cows, reported The Straits Times.

Local authorities believe that the remaining six crocodiles sought refuge in the flood-hit palm plantations and fish farms nearby. To read more click HERE.

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