China moves to second phase of successful vaccine trials

An adenovirus vector vaccine clinical trial in China has successfully concluded its first phase, and a more intensive second phase studying hundred of patients in now taking place. It is the first Covid 19 vaccine that has entered phase two of clinical trials, according to the WHO.

A 84 year old man in Wuhan was vaccinated Monday, becoming the oldest participant in the second phase of the clinical trial. Unlike the first phase which had a maximum age of 60, phase two has no age limit as the elderly make up the highest percentage of the most at risk group for Covid 19 patients to become severely ill.

Dr Chen Wei, whose team developed the vaccine says that taking the modified defective adenovirus as the vector, the vaccine carries the gene of the coronavirus spike protein, the major surface protein used by the virus to bind to a receptor to invade cells so that the subject’s body will produce the immunological memory of the protein.

“When the real coronavirus attacks, the body will identify its spike protein and stop its invasion.”

The 108 volunteers who completed phase one of the clinical trial last month have completed their medical observation period and are currently good condition.

Phase two seeks to recruit 500 total volunteers and introduce placebo controlled groups to further evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of the vaccine. As of 5pm Monday evening, 273 volunteers had been vaccinated.

SOURCE: The Nation Thailand

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