British boxer attempts to open Ryanair aircraft door before takeoff (video)

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A discomforting event unfolded during Ryanair’s recent flight, when a passenger tried to open the aircraft door as the plane cruised along the runway, preparing to depart from Zadar, a city in southwestern Croatia. The flight was bound for London Stansted, England.

The incident, which occurred last Friday, June 30, was caught on a video clip by a fellow passenger. The clip revealed startling behaviour from a 27 year old British professional boxer, who suddenly sprang from his seat, became agitated, and stormed to the front of the aircraft. Even more disturbingly, the man demanded the flight attendants to open the aircraft door.

The same man then raised his fist, yelling as he bypassed the crew member in the aisle, The Sun reported. Promptly, two heroic passengers, who were sitting, stood up and tackled the havoc-causing young man. The woman responsible for capturing this footage revealed most passengers were returning from Hideout, an electronic music festival in Croatia. She suggested the man causing the disruption was heavily inebriated and possibly influenced by illicit substances.

“Crazy moments when a British holidaymaker tried to open the door of a Ryanair aeroplane while it was flying,” is a quote extracted from the posted video clip.

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@taxideiver1crazy moments when a British holiday maker tried to open the door of a Ryanair airplane while it was flying♬ Original sound – Taxi driver

Zadar police disclosed that this Englishman was arrested at the airfield and subsequently interrogated. He was charged with disrupting public order and peace. Ryanair’s spokesperson stated that the aforementioned plane departed for its destination safely shortly after the incident. The airline apologised to those passengers who were affected by the unruly passenger’s behaviour, though his identity remained undisclosed.

Adding more detail, the visibly out-of-control man was seen pushing past a crew member in the aisle, prompting two passengers to leap from their seats to subdue him. Once they intervened, the chaotic scene resulted in the man being knocked to the floor.

The woman who documented the shocking incident claimed most passengers were returning from the Hideout festival in Croatia. The festival concluded at the end of last month, and she said the man creating the disruption was both drunk and under the influence of drugs.

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