Brigitte Macron relative attacked near family’s chocolate shop

Photo Courtesy of Bangkok Post

In an apparent politically motivated attack, a family member of French first lady Brigitte Macron was assaulted outside the family’s chocolate shop in Amiens, northern France. Jean-Baptiste Trogneux was returning to his apartment above the renowned Trogneux chocolate shop when he was surrounded by anti-government protesters who insulted the president, his wife, and their family before physically attacking him.

Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, the victim’s father, expressed his shock at the incident, revealing that his 30 year old son suffered several broken ribs, a head injury, and a hand wound. Brigitte Macron condemned the “cowardice, stupidity, and violence” of the assault, while President Emmanuel Macron labelled it “unacceptable.”

Local police arrested eight individuals in connection with the attack, which occurred after protests in the city centre during a televised interview by President Macron. The Trogneux chocolate shop, run by Brigitte Macron’s family for six generations, has been targeted by protesters during Macron’s six years in power due to rumours of the first family’s financial interest, which have been repeatedly denied.

Politicians from different parties sent their condolences to the first lady and condemned the attack. The president has faced significant demonstrations this year over pension system reforms, including raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. These protests have led to clashes and attacks on the offices of local and national elected figures, sparking debate about a potential rise in far-right and far-left political violence, reported Bangkok Post.

In response to the attack, President Macron urged fellow politicians to moderate their language and not justify vandalism during protests as legitimate expressions of public anger against his pension reforms. He stated…

“No form of violence is justified because verbal violence leads to physical violence and violence against objects leads to violence against people.”

Interior ministry statistics indicate that reported acts of physical or verbal violence against lawmakers increased by 32% year-on-year in 2022, during parliamentary and presidential elections.

The Trogneux chocolate business has expanded from its base in Amiens, but its shops have been regularly vandalized, salespeople insulted, and death threats received by post. Jean-Alexandre Trogneux insisted that the shop is not involved in politics and that Emmanuel Macron has nothing to do with their business.

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