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Video of pregnant whale shark caught by fishermen goes viral on social media

Kritsada Mueanhawong




Facebook user ‘Go-Eco Phuket’ local conservation group yesterday (May 18) posted a video clip with 1.11 minutes long with a message read “#RIP whale shark mother at Phuket. Why catching small fish. Catching a big fish is better with its babies. Cr.Aqua centre.”

The video clip shows a whale shark being hung on the side of a fishing boat in the Andaman sea. The fishing boat crew were helping to sort out ropes from the dead whale shark.

And so our first casualty off Phuket, a whale shark was murdered by ‘drag net’ fishing boat 😢 PLEASE SHARE this tragedy to put pressure in Thai Fishing regulation to ban this destructive practice!

One of an admin of ‘Go-Eco Phuket’ facebook group says, “The incident happened between Koh Racha and Flower Island about 3pm yesterday while a diving boat with divers was heading back to Phuket.”

“They saw a fishing boat name ‘Sang  Samut 3’ was carrying a big whale shark. Divers on the diving boat shouted out loud to the fishing boat asking them to stop and release the whale shark to the sea. The fishing boat captain says they will release it.“

“But they didn’t release the whale shark. On the other hand the fishing boat was away from the diving boat. The diving boat was getting closer to the fishing boat again. Finally they stopped the fishing boat and released the whale shark.”

“We believed that the whale shark had been hung up for at least two hours as we can see by its dried skin. The whale shark didn’t respond.”

“Divers on the diving boat cried after seeing a small baby whale shark coming out from the mother whale shark into the sea while a fishing boat crew was cutting the rope to release the mother.”

“This is a huge loss of the sea. The mother whale shark and the unborn baby whale shark died. The fishing boat left the scene. We have already reported the story to relevant offices.”

Marine activist Dr Thon Thamrongnawasawata, an official advisor for the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) and also the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Fishery at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, posted on his personal facebook.

“A whale shark is a protected animal in the Wildlife Conservation Act. It is also a prohibited animal in the Fisheries Act. The whale shark must not caught or taken onto the fishing boat. The penalty is a fine between 300,000 to 3 million baht.”

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Major ‘ice’ haul intercepted in the South

The Thaiger & The Nation




An enormous haul of 280 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as “ice”, was found hidden in a pickup truck that was spotted abandoned in an oil palm plantation in Satun’s Manang district.

Supoj Sirisaeng, an assistant chief of Tambon Nikhom Pattana, alerted police to check the vehicle after it was found in the plantation. The pickup was taken to be checked at the Manang police station.

At first glance, the truck appeared only to be carrying 24 pumpkins and two batches of dried chillies.

But soon a 1 kilogram bar of ice was found hidden inside the truck and more bars were attached to the inside of the the back of the vehicle, covered by specially installed black rubber sheeting.

A further amount was also discovered on the floor of the truck, hidden under the black metal tray.

Satun police chief Pol Maj-General Supawat Thapkliew say that police had yet to locate...
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DNA tests reveal Phuket’s Yanui is a….

Kritsada Mueanhawong



PHOTOS: The Phuket PR Office

The DNA tests are in and it reveals that Yanui is a saltwater crocodile.

The Phuket Fisheries Office Chief Kowot Kaoeian says, “Yanui is a saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)."

“The crocodile has been reacting well to treatment. No microchip was found on the crocodile. Scratches were found on its tail, legs and mouth. One tooth was missing.”

“A microchip has been inserted into the crocodile. The body condition score is 3 out of 5. Vitamins have been given to the crocodile. No infections were found.”

Phuket’s much-travelled crocodile was finally been caught on July 29 at Layan Beach following a swimming tourney (with a few stops on the way), from Yanui Beach, in the far south of the island, to Layan Beach off Laguna.

The ‘Yanui’ crocodile (named by local Phuket reporters after the original beach it was sighted) was caught at Layan Beach after more than ...
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Storms and strong winds hit Chiang Mai

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A major road in Chiang Mai province has been blocked by fallen trees and power poles following strong winds and heavy rains today.

Trees and power poles on the Chiang Mai-Fang road in Mae Taeng district were brought down at about 10am, officials said. Phairin Limcharoen, chief of the province’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, coordinated with the Provincial Electricity Authority’s Chiang Mai office to send officials to remove the obstructions as a matter of urgency.

Then, at about 11.30 am, downtown Chiang Mai was hit with heavy rain, leading to flooding as rainwater flowed down Doi Suthep mountain too fast to be drained.

Meanwhile, officials on Tuesday visited 27 houses in four villages of Tambon Mae Thalob, in Chai Prakan district, that had recently s...

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