12-day mystery unfolds as missing Thai woman’s body found near coconut plantation

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Police are investigating circumstances surrounding the disfigured and naked body of a Thai woman discovered near a coconut plantation in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. The Thai woman, whose body had been mutilated by animals, had been missing from home for 12 days.

The shocking discovery was made close to a creak near the plantation, on the road to a sand fishing event. The remains were found unclothed, with traces of animal bites, believed to be from a monitor lizard, on the legs, eyes, and face. Personal belongings such as a bag and shoes thought to be that of the deceased were recovered at the scene. Upon examination, no signs of any physical assault were discernible on the body of the Thai woman, which was estimated to have been dead for no less than nine hours.

Hidden within a fabric bag nearby, a small leather purse was discovered. It contained an identification card belonging to a 49 year old woman named Suwanna (surname withheld) from Surat Thani province, along with an envelope of medication from Surat Thani Hospital.

Upon verification with the Missing Person Centre of Mirror Foundation, it was revealed that Suwanna had been declared missing since June 30. She was reported missing six days later. The clothes found on her body and belongings matched what she was wearing the day she disappeared, reported KhaoSod.

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The examiner’s initial findings concluded that there were no noticeable external injury marks. However, the exact cause of death still couldn’t be determined. The body of the Thai woman was therefore transferred to the Forensics Centre at Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajanagarindra Hospital for a more detailed autopsy to determine whether any foul play was involved. Investigators, meanwhile, are still working to uncover whether anyone had brought her to the scene. Officers are currently tracking every potential CCTV that could lead to the spot where the body was found.

Additional details indicate that Suwanna suffered from an enlarged uterus and depression. Prior to her disappearance, she had gone to the Surat Thani hospital for a medical examination on June 30, before leaving home and not returning. A handwritten note was also found at the scene, the content of which suggested a failed attempt to take her own life. The note was partially water-damaged, making a full interpretation difficult.

The evidence at the scene is currently being carefully gathered by officials. The police are expeditiously liaising with relatives of Suwanna to garner deeper information for further legal procedures.

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