Grandmother’s shocking find: Hidden stash of unwashed dishes in granddaughter’s rooms sparks online debate

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In an unexpected revelation, a grandmother stumbled upon a pile of unwashed dinner dishes in her granddaughter’s room, after wondering about the unaccountable disappearance of her household tableware. The discovery was shared on Twitter by RedSkullxxx, eliciting shock among viewers.

The shared clip unveils an almost nauseating scenario. The video shows the granddaughter’s room laden with bowls, plates, and food containers, all used but unwashed. To add to the upsetting sight, a small electric pot filled with scraps of dried food was also left unattended, reported Sanook.

The exploration continued with a glance inside a cabinet, unveiling an extensive collection of unwashed dishes, meticulously tucked away from sight. The pungent smell emanating from the hoard caused the grandmother to flinch as she rummaged through the gathered dishes.

When the grandmother voiced the need to seek professional cleaning help, the granddaughter replied in agreement, repeating “True, true, true.”

The post-publication of the clip incited a wave of shock among viewers, with many bewildered. Some netizens guessed that the granddaughter may have mental health ailments, such as depression, stress, or panic disorders, leading her to neglect her chores and manage their thoughts and behaviours.

The story is similar in many ways to a tale told in May. A Thai taxi driver in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok took to Facebook to warn fellow drivers of a female passenger known to poop in cars and then flee without paying.

The driver shared dashcam footage and his story in a Facebook group called Taxi Drivers (Thailand) on Friday, April 14 with a caption that said…

“Warning all taxi drivers! From Dongki Mall in Soi Thong Lor in Bangkok to Furng Fah Village in Samut Prakarn. I don’t want others to go through what I went through. The fare was 417 baht, but I didn’t get it and even have to pay for the car cleaning.” To read more click HERE

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