Double fatality at Hat Yai luxury condo shakes up Songkhla province

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A shocking double fatality took place at a luxurious condominium in the heart of Hat Yai, Songkhla province, yesterday evening. A 40 year old Subdistrict headman, from Saphan Mai Kaen, Chanar, Songkhla, was found dead alongside a 40 year old woman, a well-known truck dealer.

The incident occurred in a room on the 25th floor of the upscale condo. Musdee Alideeman was found with a gunshot wound to his chin, while Tharinee was found face down with two gunshot wounds to her back. The police found three 9mm bullet casings at the scene and a Sig Sauer 365 handgun near Musdee’s body.

Investigators believe Musdee used Tharinee’s gun to shoot her twice before turning the weapon on himself. A close friend of Musdee, Abdul Tamhoy, a village officer from Saphan Mai Kaen, shared that Musdee was usually calm, and had a public relationship with Tharinee, even though he was not yet divorced from his previous wife, reported KhaoSod.

However, he noticed a change in Musdee’s behaviour a month ago, raising concerns of possible depression. He had last spoken to Musdee on Monday, discussing local affairs, as Musdee would usually do when staying in Hat Yai. He further added that he had never seen the couple arguing.

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The condo, where the incident took place, belonged to Tharinee. The exact cause of the incident is yet to be determined by the police, but preliminary assumptions point to a love triangle issue, given Musdee’s existing family. It is speculated that the inability to resolve their issues led to this tragic incident.

Initial police theories suggest that the couple may have argued about jealousy, as the woman was attractive and the man, being a subdistrict headman, always carried a gun. The Hat Yai police will summon relatives and acquaintances of both parties for further questioning to uncover the actual cause of the incident.

The bodies were handed over to the Mitraphap Samakkhi Siangsiang Tueng Hat Yai Foundation for autopsy at Hat Yai Hospital to further establish the trajectory of the bullets.

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