Woman assaulted in attempted robbery at Patong currency exchange

Picture courtesy of Patong Police

A shocking incident unfolded in the early hours of today when a woman was assaulted during an attempted robbery at a currency exchange on Phra Barami Road, Patong. The Patong police are now on a manhunt for the assailant.

The incident occurred near Dolphin Circle at the west end of Phra Barami Road. Police were alerted to the situation around 12.11am. The crime scene was a currency exchange kiosk, where the woman, identified as Phattharanit Suphan, works.

According to Suphan’s account to the police, a masked man approached the kiosk intending to rob it. The man attempted to access the cash stored in a cabinet in the kiosk. However, no other physical description of this masked man has been provided to Phuket News.

In a horrifying turn of events, as Phattharanit screamed for help, the man proceeded to wrap his hands around her neck, choking her. Her screams managed to attract the attention of passersby, who rushed to her aid.

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The arrival of these individuals prompted the man to make a swift exit. He was last spotted disappearing down a nearby alleyway. Importantly, the assailant fled the scene without managing to take any of the cash that was kept in the currency exchange kiosk.

The Patong police have launched a full-scale investigation and are actively searching for the culprit. The shocking incident has left the local community in a state of unease as they await further developments in the case.

In related news, police arrested a Thai man for repeated thefts in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat after he failed to invoke invisible powers before the robbery, and his theft showed on the CCTV footage.

Several victims filed theft complaints with the Tham Phannara and Phra Saeng Police Stations in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Officers checked security cameras at each scene until they identified the thief as a 22 year old Thai man named Kritsada Tapi. Read more about Thai man arrested after failing to call on his invisible powers before robbery

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