Wind plunges trees onto houses in Phuket

Emergency workers clear fallen tree, photo by Kamala OrBorTor.

Thailand’s stormy season is raging on and causing some inconveniences to the people of Phuket. Earlier this week, strong winds plunged trees and cables onto houses in the island province’s Kamala district. Altogether, 5 different areas of the Kamala district were impacted.

One tree fell into the middle of the road, and some trees brought down power poles. A large branch also fell onto some parked motorcycles. Officials helped emergency workers clear the debris, and inspect damage. The chief of the Kamala Tambon Administrative Organisation said that Phuket’s governor has ordered officials to care for people affected by the recent storms.

Luckily, no injuries or serious damages were reported.

Many people’s daily routines are being interrupted in Phuket due to stormy weather. Earlier this week, lifeguards at the popular Patong Beach warned people of the dangerous surf on the shores of the storm-blown ocean. They urged all swimmers at the beach to only use the safe swimming zones where yellow-red flags were posted and warned that swimming outside the safe areas could be very perilous due to weather.

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The Thai Meteorological Department is constantly issuing weather advisories and warnings for people across Thailand, though many people disregard them feeling that national warnings likely don’t apply to the conditions in their local area. But authorities say in advisories now that the rough waters in the sea are reaching the local beaches in Phuket.

As Thailand’s monsoon season lasts until October, we can expect storms to keep disrupting daily life.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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