Uproar over motorcycle accidents at Phuket’s rainbow crosswalk

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A series of motorcycle accidents at the Rainbow Crosswalk at the Charter intersection in the Mueang Phuket district sparked widespread debate on social media.

The vibrant crosswalk, a popular spot for tourists to take photos, became slippery during periods of rainfall, causing three to four motorcyclists to fall yesterday, July 10. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

In response to the incidents, Phuket City Municipality initially placed stickers on the crosswalk to reduce slipperiness. However, following public outcry on social media, the municipality was urged to remove the stickers.

Phuket City Mayor Saroj Angkanapilart addressed the issue on his personal Facebook page.

“Please help locate the riders and passengers who slipped as seen in photos and videos from various media outlets. We wish to apologise and gather their perspectives on the Rainbow Crosswalk, which has been in place for over a month, so we can make improvements in the future.”

Later yesterday night, Deputy Mayor Prasit Sinsaowapak, along with Vice President of Phuket City Council Thanapat Thanirat, Council Member Parada Niamsoad, and municipal engineering staff, worked to restore the crosswalk to its original white and red pattern at the Charter Bank intersection.

The municipality apologised for any inconvenience caused during the overnight restoration process, which is expected to take approximately four days.

The Rainbow Crosswalk was initially painted at the end of May this year as part of the Discover Phuket Pride 2024 celebrations held on June 29, reported Daily News.

In related news, the debate over the concept of gender-neutral toilets in Thai society sparked widespread discussion online. The issue arose after a proposal for exclusive LGBTQIA+ toilets was put forward, prompting questions about the feasibility of gender-neutral restrooms in Thailand.

In separate news, Patong Police are actively searching for a Thai man who attacked an Indian tourist with a knife, resulting in a head wound. The incident occurred late Sunday night, July 7, when the Thai man blew cigarette smoke into the Indian tourist’s face, Patong Police were alerted around 11.10pm.

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