Unexpected black stream on Karon Beach due to natural sedimentation

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The sandy shores of Karon Beach in Phuket were unexpectedly marred by a stream of black water making its way from the beach into the sea. This unusual sight generated a flurry of concern on social media as bird’s-eye view images of the beach began to circulate, alarming environmental enthusiasts and tourists alike.

The man at the epicentre of it all, Karon Mayor Jadet Wicharasorn, was quick to address the issue. The stream, rather than being a sign of pollution, as many were quick to assume, was a result of natural sedimentation, according to the mayor. He explained that the black colouring was due to sediment extracted from a nearby pond during a period of high tide.

Mayor Wicharasorn clarified that this unusual occurrence was linked to the Nong Han pond situated close to the beach. The high tide had reached the pond, and on its retreat, it had drawn out black sediment from the pond, carrying it through the sand and ultimately into the sea. The darkened water, he insisted, was not a sign of pollution but rather a natural phenomenon, reported The Phuket News.

In a further attempt to allay fears, Mayor Wicharasorn noted that if the water was indeed polluted, it would have blackened all the seawater along the beach, which was not the case. He explained that the black stream was localised and did not extend beyond a certain area.

To further substantiate his claims, the mayor revealed that he had commanded a water quality contractor to examine the seawater in the affected area. The results, he said, were reassuring. The collected samples were found to be crystal clear and odourless, dispelling notions of pollution.

In response to the situation, Mayor Wicharasorn shared plans to resolve the issue. The municipality was considering digging holes upstream to trap sediment to prevent a recurrence of such incidents. Mayor Wicharasorn gave his assurance that steps were being taken to address the issue and that the well-being of the beach and its visitors was a top priority.

The Nong Harn pond, from which the sediment originated, is part of a public park that spans an area of seven rai, according to the mayor.

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