Resort & local government to cooperate cleaning Phuket beach

Photo by Phuket Info Center.

Littering is a problem at many Phuket beaches, but several sectors are working together to fix this. There’s a new initiative between a resort, and the local government, to collect garbage on Kamala Beach.

The initiative titled the ‘Proud Kamala Project’ is a joint project between the Kamala Sub-district Administrative Organisation, and the Intercontinental Phuket Resort. The two parties signed an MoU at a ceremony yesterday (Saturday), vowing to clean up the three kilometre beach stretch.

The initiative is meant to serve as an example of cooperation between public and private sectors, to protect local environments and their natural beauty so that both locals and tourists can enjoy them.

There have been several campaigns to tackle pollution in Phuket, but the province has a ways to go. Not only is pollution a massive eyesore for beach-goers, but it also hurts, and even kills wildlife. Sea turtles and dolphins regularly get caught in discarded fishing nets. In July, a dead sea turtle that washed up on Mai Khao Beach was found to have plastic lodged in its mouth and throat, which was most likely the cause of its death.

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The stormy waves during Thailand’s monsoon season often cause trash to wash up on Phuket’s shores. Phuket does not yet have a special marine service to collect rubbish from beaches, so regular cleanups are the only way the island province can reduce garbage.

Hopefully, Phuket will one day find long-lasting solutions to its problems with beach pollution, making beaches a more beautiful place for all to enjoy.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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