Phuket Town’s southern side to face major power cut tomorrow

Picture courtesy of Provincial Electricity Authority for Phuket

A significant power interruption is set to impact a substantial portion of Phuket Town’s southern side tomorrow, as announced by the main branch of the Provincial Electricity Authority for Phuket (PEA Phuket). The power cuts, scheduled from 9am to 4.30pm, are part of routine maintenance works undertaken by the power authority.

PEA Phuket has devised a strategy to lessen the disruption on local businesses and residents by implementing power outages in intervals of 30 minutes throughout the day. The primary area to be affected spans from the Bang Neow Intersection east to Nimit Circle near Phuket Grocery, then southward to the waterfront, and back across to Phuket Vocational College near Saphan Hin.

The stretch along Phuket Road from the Bang Neow Intersection to Phuket Vocational College will also experience outages, including Soi Saen Suk 1, 2, Soi Rong Lek, Takua Thung Rd, Soi Ton Pho, Soi Ko Phai, and Soi Saphan Hin. Notably, the outage will include Phuket Immigration.

Simultaneously, the power interruption along Ong Sim Pai Road will extend from the Bang Neow Intersection to the Nimit Circle (Seahorse Circle) in front of Phuket Grocery, and from there to Charan Ironworks shop. The power disruption will also extend along Kra Rd, from the Bang Niao Intersection area to the Kor Chan Bridge.

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PEA Phuket apologised for the inconvenience and provided multiple channels for individuals to raise their queries about the power outage. These include the PEA Phuket branch’s phone line at 076-210427-8, the official Facebook page, and the PEA hotline at 1129.

In another development, PEA Thalang also announced a power outage tomorrow from 9am to 5pm in Baan Para, Moo 4, Pa Khlok. This outage is intended to allow workers to conduct repairs and maintenance to the low-voltage network in the area. For more information, individuals have been advised to reach out to the PEA Thalang office at 076-386882 or the PEA call centre 1129, reported Phuket News.

Phuket Town's southern side to face major power cut tomorrow | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Phuket News

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