Phuket police to embrace technology in dealing with traffic violations


From next Friday, traffic police in Phuket will no longer confiscate licences when drivers are stopped for traffic violations.

Police will now record the details of a driving licence but return it to the driver as soon as they’ve done so. They will still issue fines on paper, with drivers unable to pay their road tax until any outstanding fines are paid.

With officials embracing the use of technology, drivers can soon use a new app to display their licence if not carrying it when stopped. The DLT QR Licence app will be in use from Friday, but drivers who choose not to download it will still have to carry their licence with them.

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The app, available for both Android and iOS, can only read Thai driving licences, meaning tourists and anyone else without a Thai licence would need to have their physical licences on them if stopped.

It’s understood that some big planned changes to Thailand’s Land Traffic Act will eventually see a points system rolled out.

Under the system, drivers will start out with 12 points and have points deducted for traffic violations. The number deducted will depend on the seriousness of the violation.

If all 12 points are lost, the driver will have his or her licence suspended for 90 days, with 3 suspensions leading to a one year suspension. Points are restored each calendar year.

It’s unclear as yet when the points system will be rolled out.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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