Sweet success: Thai fruit exports to China ripe with growth, thanks to fast track on China-Laos Railway

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Thai fruit exports to China experienced a significant surge in the first five months of this year, growing by a staggering 365%. This upswing is predominantly accredited to the utilisation of the China-Laos Railway for transit, which has resulted in a significantly reduced delivery duration and leveraged the benefits of free trade deals, according to sources yesterday.

The railway route has been highly instrumental in creating lucrative openings for Thai products within the Chinese marketplace. It has effectively slashed the transit time to less than 15 hours, a drastic reduction from the preceding two-day journey by road, voiced Auramon Supthaweethum. Director-General of the Department of Trade Negotiations (DTN) helming Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, she was cited in an interview with ThaiRath Online, reported Bangkok Post.

Fruit exports from Thailand to China witnessed a substantial upshot since the inception of the China-Laos Railway in December 2021, added Auramon. Data showcasing shipments via the northeast dry port of Nong Khai, adjacent to the Laos border in the Southeast Asian nation, disclosed a quantum leap from 90.41 million baht (US$2.55 million) the preceding year to 1.96 billion baht (US$55million) in 2022.

Additionally, Auramon expressed that Thai fruits, along with an array of other deliveries, have the potential to capitalise on the privileges facilitated under the ambit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-China Free Trade Area. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership merits mention in the same vein.

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The period spanning January to May recorded Thai shipments to China via the China-Laos Railway being pegged at a value of 2.84 billion baht. Fresh durian shipments constituted 72% of the exports, as per insights from the DTN.

In related news, the popularity of Thai fruit was evident throughout the initial five months of this year, reflected through the leverage of free trade agreement benefits by exporters. Most notably, shipments destined towards China signalled a greater propensity. To read more click HERE

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