Patong Police raid massage parlours exploiting underage workers

Photo courtesy of Patong Police

In a recent crackdown on unlicensed operations, the Patong Police force swooped in on two massage parlours suspected of exploiting underage workers. Hatha Massage, located on Rat-Uthit 200 Pi Road, underwent a law enforcement raid at 9.40pm on August 12.

The law enforcement action came on the heels of allegations that the establishment was not only operating without the necessary licensing but also employing minors under 18 years old, to give massage services.

In the course of the massage shop raid, a woman identified only as Onuma was apprehended by the officers. The charges brought against her were minor though. They had to do with conducting health establishment operations without the required permission. Stronger charges linked to the allegations of child exploitation that triggered the raid were not filed.

The crackdown on Hatha Massage transpired just days after a similar police operation targeted another massage parlour situated off Haad Patong Road, Aisha Massage. Here too, Patong’s police personnel had acted on information about improper licensing and the possible exploitation of underage staff.

The proprietor of Aisha Massage, referred to only as Yupin, now faces multiple charges including those relating to running an unlicensed health establishment and the significant violation of employing minors under 18 years old in an environment where customers are furnished with massage services reported Phuket News.

Despite the severe allegations and subsequent responses from law enforcement agencies, the Patong Police has opted to remain tight-lipped in terms of sharing more details about the raids conducted at these particular massage shops.

Back in March, a bar on Bangla Walking Street in the Patong neighbourhood was raided for child prostitution where six teenagers were rescued. Young adolescent girls under the age of 18 were enticed into providing sex services to international customers.

A few months ago in another crackdown on unlawful entertainment venues in Phuket Town, a bar was raided by authorities. The investigation revealed that the bar owner was operating without the proper permit and was serving alcoholic beverages during restricted hours. Additionally, the authorities identified the presence of underage customers on the premises during the raid.

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