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    Where to go after dinner in Phuket

    You’re in Phuket, the sun has set, and your stomach is full. Now, what’s next? Amidst a plethora of after-dinner activities available on this picturesque island, here’s where to go after dinner in Phuket that might sparkle some joy and laughter! 1. Dance the night away in the best nightclubs Fancy some heart-pumping party action? Make your way to Patong,…

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    Gunshots shatter the rhythm on Phuket’s Bangla Road boulevard

    The heart of Phuket’s nightlife on Bangla Road was jolted awake early this morning with the sharp echo of gunshots ringing through the air. In the aftermath, the President of the Patong Entertainment Business Association (PEBA), Weerawit Krueasombat, swiftly took to social media to clarify the incident and dismiss the circulating rumours. In a detailed Facebook update, Weerawit lambasted the reports…

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    Phuket locals back proposal for extended nightlife venue operating hours

    A bustling crowd of over 800 individuals gathered at Kathu Wittaya School in Phuket yesterday, participating in a public forum aimed at gauging sentiment regarding the extension of nightlife venue operating hours to 4am in designated zones. The proposal received unanimous approval from those in attendance, reflecting a collective inclination towards longer nightlife hours. The forum, presided over by Kathu…

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    Phuket Veg Fest food frenzy turns rancid: Sacred shrines face hygiene havoc

    A shocking revelation unfolded as revered Phuket Veg Fest food shrines were found in breach of food hygiene standards. This news has undoubtedly rocked the faith of the local Thai community and tourists alike who flock to these places of worship and food consumption, particularly during festivals. The local authorities are yet to comment on the situation and the measures…

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    Phuket nightclubs raided for late trading, serving alcohol to minors

    Two Phuket nightclubs in the Kathu district have been raided by officials from the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) and the Volunteer Defense Corps (OrSor). The clubs, the Ratree Club and Mahanakorn Phuket were accused of late trading, public disturbance, serving alcohol to minors, and operating without proper permits. The raids were carried out early this morning after a plain-clothes officer confirmed…

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    New biometric scans for mobile banking | GMT

    Thailand is making moves to attract more tourists to its vibrant and diverse culture. The Bank of Thailand has announced new biometric scans for mobile banking, which will make it easier for tourists to access their funds. Additionally, food trucks are being used to draw in more visitors. Russia is also making its presence known in the kingdom, with many…

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    New ‘Red Card’ system for misbehaving foreigners | Thailand News Today

    A Frenchman was fined 1,500 baht by Phuket traffic police for revving his loud rented motorbike along the Bangla Road in Phuket, southern Thailand, in the early hours of Monday morning. The incident has prompted Phuket immigration to launch a ‘red card‘ system for wayward foreigners which will see them deported after two offences. Meanwhile, over 7,000 Russians in Phuket…

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    Thai Airways cabin crew forgets to collect meal trays before landing | Thailand News Today

    Tourism in South Thailand province jumped by over 600% last year The number of tourists that visited South Thailand’s Surat Thani province last year jumped by over 600% from 2021, according to officials. The province includes the holiday paradise islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Surat Thani Governor Kh. Witchawut, said the province saw 3,690,642 tourists last year, a 666%…

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    Thailand News Today | Phuket drops outdoor mask mandate!

        Phuket dropped its outdoor mask mandate starting yesterday June 1, despite the Prime Minister saying two days ago that there are NO plans to do so. Medical or cloth face masks will still be required to be worn indoors, in crowded spaces, and badly ventilated spaces. The masking requirement – indoors and outdoors – is still in effect…

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    Thailand News Today | Govt announces 3.2-trillion-baht spending bill

      Opposition Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat has slammed PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s spending plans ahead of tomorrow’s budget bill as “pointless.” PM Prayut will defend the government’s 3.2-trillion-baht 2023 budget bill in a three-day House debate starting tomorrow, explaining why the sum is so large and his spending plans for the fiscal year. But the Move Forward Party leader…

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    Is June 1 easing of restrictions meaningless? | GMT

    Operators of nightlife outlets in Bangkok are frustrated with restrictions, there’s a Pepsi price surge coming to Thailand, Pattaya tourist says security guards beat him “bloody” near Walking Street and Singapore and India are at the top of list of the 10 countries travelling to Thailand. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

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    Is it too late for Thailand’s Nightlife? | GMT

    Is it too late for Thailand’s Night life? Nightlife venues have been warned to stay safe and follow precautions. Thai PM urges people to only travel for essential Photo contest thaiger member winners and smuggling durians. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand

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    Bars and Nightlife to “Officially” Re-open in Thailand | GMT

    Thailand’s CCSA meeting agreed to officially reopen the entertainment venues in the Green and Blue provinces. TAT targeting 50% occupancy rate for hotels. Thailand introduces strict screening for arrivals from countries with monkeypox. Thai Airways to auction off Boeing 737-400 Airframe via Facebook Live. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand  

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    Phuket to scoop 20 million baht booty a day after Patong gets green light to party

    Cha-ching! The familiar sound of the cash register is about to ring once again after pubs, bars, and entertainment venues at Patong beach got the green light to reopen. Patong Entertainment Association expects to earn between 10 to 20 million baht per night after the beach resort on the west coast of Phuket Island got the go-ahead to reopen its…

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    Thailand News Today | Tourism surge on Phuket and Koh Samui

      The country is still under an emergency decree which will last at least until the end of this month, and could be extended again for another 2 months, as it has since April 2020. The emergency decree bypasses all Covid-related matters and budget from the Thai parliament, with the CCSA, chaired by the prime minister, meeting every 2 weeks…

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    Major Thai police leader to discuss closing times in Pattaya, Phuket and elsewhere

    Thailand’s most famous policeman, ‘Big Joke’, aka. Surachate Hakparn, has plans to discuss legal closing times for ‘restaurants’ in Pattaya, Phuket and other renowned tourist hotspots where the closing time issue continues to be a hot topic. Bars and clubs in Thailand, under official laws, are still only allowed to reopen as ‘restaurants’, and only until midnight at the moment.…

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    Phuket bar staff protest in support of outed party resort, extension of alcohol sales

    Nearly a hundred bar owners and staff gathered at Patong Bay Hill Resort in Phuket yesterday to protest the recent “extension” of official alcohol sales to midnight. The group said the operating hours of the entertainment zone in Phuket and Pattaya should be extended to 4 am. They also demanded the government stop calling them “restaurants” (after they apply for…

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    Thailand News Today | Academic says Omicron may have already peaked

    Last week, as some Thai doctors were having fun predicting a ‘doomsday’ scenario with up to 100,000 new Covid infections per day post-Songkran, one academic just had to kill the party by citing..whoops… “real data”, that indicates Omicron may have already peaked in Thailand. In a Facebook post over the weekend, a science lecturer from Chulalongkorn University Jessada referred to…

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    Venues in Phuket selling alcohol must apply for new permit | GMT

    In Phuket, entertainment venues that were originally licenced to sell alcohol but then got licenced to serve food (so they could sell alcohol) must now get a new license to sell alcohol in their bar turned restaurant turned bar again.

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    Thailand News Today | No more extended alcohol sales in Phuket for NY

    The clash between the Burmese army and Karen rebels is expected to escalate. Meanwhile, a recent survey shows how Thais feel about Omicron during New Year festivities. A Department of Health poll shows that most Thais are worried that New Year celebrations will spark another wave of Covid infections. The Phuket News is reporting that plans to allow the sale of…