Phuket introduces new seafood and gastronomy “Tastival” festival

Phuket Tastival Festival, photo by PR Phuket.

Following Phuket’s Roi Rim Lay seafood festival last weekend, the island’s officials have come up with another seafood and gastronomy festival for the first time yesterday. The festival is called “Phuket Tastival Seafood and Gastronomy: Roi-Yok-Lo”. It will run until Monday, April 4. Phuket Deputy Governor Anupap and several other officials attended the opening at Saphan Hin, the huge public park on the east coast of the island.

Tastival features several stalls with fresh seafood sold by the kilogram, as well as live music and cultural entertainment. There is traditional Thai food, as well as Japanese Yakisoba. The festival is following Covid-19 health and safety protocols. A budget has been allocated for the event from the Ministry of Commerce to the Phuket Provincial Commercial Office.

Tastival, Roi Rim Lay, and similar food festivals in Phuket have been devised to revive the island’s battered local economy. Officials hope that the income derived from these festivals will help local farmers, fishermen, and vendors. As Phuket has primarily run on a tourism economy, Covid-19 has devastated the province’s livelihood. Phuket officials are working on several strategies to help locals earn an income.

Last week, Phuket governor Narong said the provincial government will work with local government organisations to create 10,000 minimum-wage jobs.

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In addition to recovering the economy, Tastival is also meant to highlight Phuket’s position as a UNESCO-recognised creative city in gastronomy. Officials hope this, too, will promote Phuket more to tourists again.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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