Phuket governor proposes 191 million baht infrastructure and digital modernisation plan

It was a bustling day at Phuket Provincial Hall last Friday as local government office chiefs and private sector representatives gathered to confirm a series of new infrastructure developments to be proposed at the upcoming mobile Cabinet meeting in Ranong on January 22-23. At the helm of this ambitious endeavour is Phuket Governor Sophon Suwannarat, who intends to seek approval for projects worth an impressive 191 million baht.

The proposals consist of seven robust projects, each with a unique focus and collectively aimed at addressing Phuket’s economic challenges and improving the quality of life for its residents. The first of these is a 40 million baht plan for rehabilitating the solid waste landfill at the Phuket Provincial Solid Waste Disposal Centre at Saphan Hin. A vital initiative, it reflects the island’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Next on the list, with a budget of 26.5 million baht, is the construction of a reinforced concrete dam along the Bang Yai Canal at Satree Phuket School. This project by the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation (PPAO) highlights the importance of water conservation and flood prevention.

The third project, costing 10.81 million baht, aims to expand the water supply mains network along the Na Ko-Bang Jo Road in Srisoonthorn, Thalang. In a region where water scarcity can be an issue, this proposal is a strategic move towards ensuring a reliable water supply.

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Governor Sophon’s plans also include a 1.982 million baht project to improve the drainage network along Bangla Road in Patong. Not only will this lead to better water management but it also promises to enhance the overall infrastructure of this popular tourist area.

A modern addition to the list is a Smart Pole project for tourism, with a budget ofB30.5 million baht. This initiative by the Upper Southern Branch of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), with the PPAO as the host, is set to transform Phuket’s digital infrastructure, making the island more appealing to tech-savvy tourists.

Information Management System

The penultimate proposal is a 37 million baht project to develop the Phuket City information management system. This is an initiative of the Upper Southern Thailand Regional Branch of the Office of the National Economic and Social Council (NESDC), aimed at enhancing the quality of life of the people.

Finally, a digital wallet project by Patong Municipality has been proposed, with a budget of 45 million baht. This would further modernise Phuket’s economy, making it easier for residents and tourists to navigate financial transactions in the digital age.

Governor Sophon’s proposed projects, amounting to a total of 192 million baht, are set to make waves in Phuket. They promise a future of improved infrastructure, digital modernisation, and enhanced quality of life for the island’s residents and visitors alike, reported Phuket News.

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