Phuket expects recent India road show to bring in even more tourists, and revenue

Phuket officials are excited to see the payoff of a recent roadshow in India. The Tourism Authority of Thailand, along with the Phuket Tourism Association, went to a roadshow tourism marketing event in India from August 1-6. The event celebrated the 75th anniversary of Thai and Indian relations.

Now, the PPAO’s vice president expects another 150,000 Indian tourists to arrive on the shores of Phuket this year. The president, Arnuparb Wechwanichsanong, said this “will generate at least 7.5 million baht.” Arnuparb said…

“We are satisfied with this roadshow. About 250 tourism operators in India are interested in Phuket.”

Arnuparb said the average Indian tourist stays 5-6 days and spends about 50,000 baht over that period in total. He noted that there are more than 40 direct flights per week from India in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

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Phuket’s recovering tourism economy is picking up again thanks to Indian tourists. Indians have been the biggest tourist group in Phuket this year, and the second biggest in Thailand. Arnuparb said that 87,292 Indian tourists have visited Phuket since May. Meanwhile, 337,000 Indians have arrived in Thailand this year.

Phuket’s ‘Old Town’ in the main city district is a particular hotspot for Indian visitors right now. Visitors are enjoying taking photos of the Old Town’s scenic architecture. They have also enjoyed outdoor adventures at beaches and forests, including go-karting and zip-lining.

Apart from the architecture and outdoor adventures, Indian tourists also love simply walking around and shopping in Old Town. Many businesses have now started to learn about Indian food, music, and culture, to help the tourists feel comfortable.

Arnuparb said that at the recent roadshow, officials found that there is a need for more vegetarian food in Phuket since many Indian people don’t eat meat. He said vegetarian food is especially needed at hotels. The roadshow also noted the need for TV channels with Indian content and languages at hotels.

Time will tell if Phuket can work to bring Indian tourists the comforts of home and if the island province will rake in the tourism revenue that Arnuparb predicts.

SOURCE: The Phuket Express

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