Patong Police set up checkpoints on Bangla Road

Police set up checkpoints on Bangla Road, photo by The Phuket Express.

Patong Police are on the lookout for drugs and weapons, and they’re taking action. On Monday night, police set up two checkpoints at both ends of Bangla Road, a known party hotspot, from 8pm to 10pm.

The police checked people for weapons and illegal drugs. They also checked whether people were wanted suspects. The Phuket Express reported that it was unclear whether tourists had their passports or IDs checked.

In the past few weeks, there have been a few incidents in Patong involving drugs and weapons, including on Bangla Road. Last week, a staffer at a venue on Bangla Road tested positive for drugs. This was after police conducted a major drug testing crackdown on five venues on the road. Patong Police drug tested nearly 184 staffers, and one tested positive.

Also last week, police found drugs and weapons in a man’s minivan in Patong. The police found nine meth pills, a gun, 10 bullets, a knife, and an axe in the minivan. They arrested the driver, 38 year old Chalor Ongnuan, on Phra Baramee Road.

The police brought Chalor to Patong Police Station to face charges of illegal possession of Category 1 drugs, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and carrying a gun and knife in public without permission.

The checkpoints set up on Bangla Road on Monday appear to be part of efforts by Patong Police to curb the recent issues with drugs and weapons.

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