Patong businesses deny service refusal to Thai nationals

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The vibrant tourist hotspot of Patong in Phuket has come under scrutiny amid allegations circulating on social media platforms. Claims suggest that certain local businesses have been denying service to Thai nationals.

In response to these allegations, Weerawit Kreuasombat, the President of the Patong Entertainment Business Association (PEBA), has stepped forward to speak on behalf of the businesses in question.

Addressing the media, Weerawit countered the widespread allegations, explaining that the refusal of service was far from common practice and that there were often justifiable reasons behind these instances. He highlighted that certain businesses, including nightlife venues and vehicle rental services, had previously faced issues with specific customers, irrespective of their nationality.

The online accusations have left a significant dent in Patong’s tourism image, Weerawit acknowledged. He pointed out the vast number of entertainment venues that the town boasts – nearly 200 on Soi Bangla alone and over 300 throughout Patong.

“Indeed, some venues do prohibit Thai nationals from entering at specific times. These are instances when the venue is organising a special event closed to the public, or when individuals fail to present their ID cards.”

Weerawit further stated that an increased emphasis on ID verification was a direct result of past instances of fake ID card usage.

“It is important to note that the decision to intensify ID checks was a security measure taken in agreement with the proposition to extend the operating hours of nightlife venues in certain areas until 4am.”

Discussing the car and motorcycle rental businesses reportedly refusing to rent vehicles to Thai nationals, Weerawit conceded that some shops did practice such discrimination.

“This is primarily due to the businesses having lost their vehicles to such customers in the past, or instances where the Thai customer has presented a fraudulent ID.”

To put things into perspective, Weerawit referred to the previous year’s statistics, revealing that over 100 rental vehicles had been reported missing, reported The Phuket News.

Weerawit assured that the local businesses in Patong were open and eager to provide their services to all tourists, regardless of their nationality, both Thai and foreign.

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