New Zealand expat arrested in Phuket over weapons, including explosives

Police investigate weapons, photo by The Phuket Express.

A New Zealand expat has been arrested in Phuket for possessing several weapons, including 11 explosives. The man, 63 year old Gareth Alan Davies, was also found to have 19 guns and ammunition in his house in the Kathu district.

Region 8 Police Commander Surapong Thanomjit said that Davies had claimed that the weapons were just collectables. But Commander Surapong said that police were sceptical about this, due to how many weapons they found, Thai media reported.

It is believed that Davies’ house may have been modified to produce firearms. It is also believed that he might have performed firearms trials in his house since police found a sound-dampening device. Commander Surapong added that Davies’s expertise as an engineer may have given him knowledge about producing firearms.

Davies was brought to Kathu Police Station, and police are continuing to investigate.

Davies has lived in Thailand for 23 years and was married to a Thai woman for 20 years before she passed away. He has not previously been on any blacklist or watchlist. Davies is in Thailand legally on a retirement visa, The Phuket Express reported.

Before Davies retired about 10 years ago, he worked as an engineer in South Thailand. He is unable to walk due to an injury.

This news comes just a week after a Chinese man and his Thai wife were arrested for illegally possessing several guns in their luxury home, also in the Kathu district. The police found 18 firearms, most of which were BB guns. However, some guns were modified to be applicable with real ammunition, according to the authorities.

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Tara Abhasakun

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