Hartalika Teej: Phuket hosts Nepalese holiday, fosters love and tourism

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The Nepalese community in Phuket, Thailand, recently basked in the joyous celebration of the Hartalika Teej festival, which marks the end of a three-day fast observed by women. Held on Friday evening, the celebration saw women being honoured and cared for by the men in their lives.

The event took place at the Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Chao Fah Hotel in Wichit, with the Phuket Provincial Chief Administrative Officer, Somprat Prabsongkram, presiding over the occasion. The chair of the Thai Nepali Association in Phuket, Jar Ganet, detailed the significance of Hartalika Teej to the female members of the Nepalese community.

According to him, the observance of Hartalika Teej not only celebrates the culture of Thai Nepalese people but also fosters love and promotes tourism.

Ratchanee Khanal, a woman of Nepalese descent living in Phuket, further explained the festival’s importance. She highlighted Hartalika Teej as an opportunity for married daughters to return and visit their parental homes, making it a joyous occasion for women.

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“It is a special occasion for women that men honour and take good care of women. Meanwhile, women observe precepts and ask for blessings for their husbands and families, which is a practice for creating true love within the family.”

Hartalika Teej, also known as Nepal Women’s Day, commemorates the reunion of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. On this day, women pay homage to the deities, seeking protection and happiness for their husbands and families. Single women also participate, praying for a good husband.

The festival is marked by traditional dances and songs in honour of Lord Shiva, following a cleansing ritual where women bathe in holy waters. Furthermore, Hartalika Teej provides an opportunity for men to demonstrate their respect and care for women, reports The Phuket News.

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