Kind Thai man returns pricey lost gold bracelet to British tourist in Patong

Thai man returns gold bracelet to British tourist, photo by The Phuket News.

A kind Thai man returned a pricey lost gold necklace to a British tourist in Patong last week, media reported yesterday. The Thai man, 46-year-old Jakkarin Kongmueang, told Patong Police he found the bracelet at a bar in Soi Bangla on January 11. The Phuket Express reported that the bracelet was worth 150,000 baht.

Jakkarin went to the station to file a report about the bracelet. On January 13, British national Ryan Ashley Horner showed up at the station to ask if anyone found his gold bracelet. To his surprise, police told him that someone had found it.

Sure enough, the code on the gold bracelet that Jakkarin brought to the station matched the code number on the bracelet’s receipt, which Horner brought to the station.

Jakkarin then checked CCTV footage at the bar where he found the bracelet. Jakkarin saw that Horner had been at the bar before he found the bracelet. The bracelet was then returned to Horner.

Horner was thrilled to get his bracelet back, and he thanked Jakkarin for the good deed.

Horner was lucky to get his bracelet back, considering how common gold theft is in Thailand.

But once in a while, stories make headlines in Thailand about people doing the right thing and returning lost items or money.

In October, a passenger accidentally paid a Bangkok taxi driver 1,000 times more than his fare. After he accidentally transferred 253,303 baht for a 253 baht taxi ride, the driver was commended for returning the gargantuan erroneous tip.

The driver had a history of returning lost items and working to track down passengers who left something behind in his taxi. He previously had lost money returned to a passenger who left Thai, Cambodian and US currency in the taxi.

After the incident in Patong, Jakkarin is the latest Good Samaritan in Thailand to do the right thing and return something valuable to a person who lost it.

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