Justice delayed: Iranian boxer remains free after stealing from Burmese woman

A Burmese woman is seeking justice as an Iranian boxer remains at large after drugging and stealing valuables worth over a million baht from her condominium in the Phra Khanong neighbourhood of Bangkok last year.

The Burmese victim, identified as 25 year old Nang Mwe Hlaing, filed a complaint at Phra Khanong Police Station after her ex-boyfriend, 21 year old Iranian Maleki Behnam, allegedly drugged her and stole her valuables on December 4, 2023.

Nang Mwe Hlaing told The Thaiger that she met the Iranian thief at a Muay Thai Stadium in Bangkok where he was engaged in a match. They developed a relationship and spent time together sometime at her condominium in Soi Sukhumvit 50.

On the day of the incident, Behnam allegedly encouraged her to drink yogurt that made her unconscious. When she awoke the next day, Behnam already vanished along with more than one million baht in cash and valuables.

The stolen valuables included 410,000 baht in cash, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max, ASUS laptop (worth 60,000 to 70,000 baht), iPad Air 4, a Rolex watch (worth 590,000 baht), debit cards, and condo key cards.

The victim later used Find my iPhone tracking to discover that the thief discarded her mobile phone in a canal near her condominium.

Ten days after the theft, Nang Mwe Hlaing discovered that approximately USTD660,000 in cryptocurrency (20 million baht), was transferred from her account using her mobile phone.

Another suspect

According to Nang Mwe Hlaing, the money was split into three separate accounts. This discovery led her to suspect that her ex-boyfriend was not acting alone.

Moreover, Nang Mwe Hlaing reviewed security footage from her condominium and nearby locations, noticing another suspicious Iranian man who appeared to be Behnam’s friend. The man was seen standing by the canal where the victim found her mobile phone.

Nang Mwe Hlaing harboured suspicions that the man was implicated in the theft, especially considering his presence at the canal, which appeared dubious given he was not a resident of the area.

Subsequently, the police summoned Behnam’s friend for questioning. Despite Nang Mwe Hlaing’s assertions, the individual maintained his innocence but provided conflicting information to the authorities. Nevertheless, after assessing the situation, the officers determined there was insufficient evidence to justify issuing a warrant for his arrest.

Undeterred, Nang Mwe Hlaing persisted with the case to the best of her ability, resulting in the recovery of some valuables valued at approximately USDT600,000. Nonetheless, the matter remains unresolved, and she has yet to reclaim the recovered items.

Nang Mwe Hlaing revealed that she suffers from panic attacks and lives in fear that the thief or his associates will return to harm her.


ORIGINAL STORY: Iranian boxer allegedly steals over 20 million baht assets from Burmese woman in Bangkok

A Burmese woman filed a complaint against an Iranian boxer accusing him of stealing more than 20 million baht from her condominium in Bangkok before fleeing Thailand.

The victim’s brother accompanied his 25 year old younger sister, Nang Mwe Hlaing, to file the complaint at Phra Khanong Police Station yesterday, December 4. The brother revealed that the Iranian man, 21 year old Maleki Behnam, had been dating his sister for about five months before committing the theft at the condo on Soi Sukhumvit 50 in Bangkok on December 3.

The Burmese man explained that her sister was stressed and attempted suicide because all her family’s assets had been given to her for her university studies in Bangkok and her investment in a restaurant.

During their relationship, the couple stayed together at the condo and the victim trusted her Iranian boyfriend and gave him the passwords to all the safe boxes in her room.

The brother explained that Behnam asked his sister to eat yoghurt, which put her to sleep from 9pm on December 3 to 10am on December 4. She woke up to find her belongings missing, including two mobile phones, a tablet, a Rolex watch worth 600,000 baht, a designer bag, a condo keycard, 410,000 baht in cash and cryptocurrency worth about 20 million baht.

The victim’s brother believed Behnam drugged his sister to steal her assets and was waiting for a medical examination to confirm his suspicions.

According to the brother, Behnam left two mobile phones in the canal near the condo, as indicated by the tracking system. He visited the boxing gym where Behnam trained and learned that he had also left Thailand on December 4.

Officers at Phra Khanong Police Station reported that volunteer divers managed to find a phone, an iPhone 14, in the canal yesterday, December 5. Officers planned to coordinate with Interpol to summon Behnam for further questioning and legal proceedings in Thailand. The destination of Behnam’s trip has not been disclosed by the police.

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