Woman found dead in Samut Prakan canal after disappearance

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A tragic sequence of events culminated in the discovery of a woman’s body in the Bang Chalong canal, near Wat Bang Chalong Nok, in Samut Prakan province.

The 32 year old woman had been missing for four days following an argument with her boyfriend over her heavy drinking. Her body was found floating in the canal yesterday at 6pm.

The incident was first reported to the Bang Phli Police Station. Law enforcement officials were alerted about a body discovered in the Bang Chalong Canal, which set into motion a coordinated response involving forensic experts, the emergency physician from Bang Phli Hospital, and the Ruamkatanyu Foundation volunteers.

Upon arriving at the scene near the watergate of Wat Bang Chalong Nok, authorities found the deceased woman’s body, identified as Munrita Paphan, by the canal’s edge. After the foundation’s team recovered the body from the bank, a preliminary examination suggested that she had been dead for at least three days, given the state of decomposition. Photographs were taken to serve as evidence as the investigation continued.

Shortly after, the deceased’s boyfriend, 39 year old Piyawat, arrived to confirm her identity. He recognised Munrita by her distinctive nail polish and tattoos. Piyawat provided his account of the events, revealing that Munrita had been missing for about four days.

A local fisherman had told him that Munrita was last seen with his child, taking her clothes with her, before she vanished. Before her disappearance, Munrita had expressed a desire to go into the water, despite being unable to swim. Piyawat had been searching for her since she went missing, without any leads.

The couple had recently quarrelled about Munrita’s drinking habits. Piyawat believed that Munrita might have intentionally jumped into the water, as she had mentioned to the fisherman that if she did not return, it would mean she was gone, reported KhaoSod.

Police invited Piyawat for further questioning at the police station to ascertain the circumstances leading up to the incident.

Meanwhile, Munrita’s body has been sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Ramathibodi Hospital Chakri Naruebodin for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. Following the investigation, her relatives will be able to claim her body for religious rites.

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