Shell shock: Hawksbill turtle rescued near Patong Beach

Picture courtesy of DMCR

A young hawksbill turtle, found washed ashore south of Patong Beach, is now under care after suffering significant injuries due to entanglement in a discarded fishing net.

Hotel staff at Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach, discovered the turtle yesterday and promptly notified officers at the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center (Upper Andaman Sea).

The marine officers confirmed that the turtle, identified as a hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), had a shell measuring 28 centimetres long and 25.5 centimetres wide, and weighed only 1.9 kilogrammes. For comparison, fully grown hawksbill turtles can exceed 1 metre in length and typically weigh more than 80 kilogrammes.

The officers noted the turtle’s weakened condition and observed a serious wound on its front-right flipper, which had been caused by entanglement with the rope from the fishing net. The injury was severe, with broken bones and necrosis setting in around the flipper, a marine officer reported.

“The turtle was tangled with a pile of discarded fishing nets.”

The turtle was transported to the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Centre at Cape Panwa, where it underwent surgery. It remains in care for further recovery, the officer added, emphasising the critical state of the turtle upon discovery, reported The Phuket News.

“It was in weak physical condition and had a wound to its front-right flipper.”

At the research centre, efforts are now focused on the turtle’s rehabilitation, with the hope that it can eventually be released back into the wild.

In related news, a leatherback turtle met its demise on a Phang Nga beach, ensnared in a trap. However, amidst the sorrow, a record-breaking moment unfolded as another of these incredible creatures left a legacy with an astounding 92-egg nest.

Attapol Charoenchansa, Director-General of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, unveiled the discovery of a deceased leatherback turtle. This female giant, measuring 105 centimetres wide and 181 centimetres long, was tragically entangled in a squid-catching net.

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