Distressing discovery of abandoned fetus stuns Phuket neighbourhood

Picture courtesy of Karon Police

In a quiet corner of Karon, Phuket, a distressing discovery was made yesterday. A five month old fetus was found abandoned on a vacant lot near Soi Green Drinking Water. The alarm was raised around 10.45am, with Karon Police receiving the unsettling news from the 191 Provincial Police call centre.

Due to the grave nature of the situation, the Deputy Inspector for Investigations, Police Captain Surasak Sudmuang, was quick to alert Karon Police Chief Police Colonel Khundet Na Nongkhai. As part of the initial response, officers, along with forensic doctors from Vachira Phuket Hospital and investigators from the Phuket Provincial Police Forensics Office, were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, the team was met with a grim sight. The lifeless body of a newborn, estimated to be about five months old, was found lying next to a power pole on the vacant lot. The umbilical cord and placenta were still connected, indicating a recent birth. The body was subsequently handed over to the forensic officers for a more comprehensive examination, reported The Phuket News.

The police were quick to locate the mother of the newborn, a 20 year old Myanmar woman, Aye Thiri Mon. She was found in a small room not far from the site of the incident, evidently in a state of physical distress.

The woman was immediately transferred to Chalong Hospital. Reports from the officers indicated that she was in a state of exhaustion and had lost a significant amount of blood. Her health and recovery became the immediate priority for the medical team, with investigations set to resume once her condition stabilises.

Authorities have committed to a thorough investigation into the incident, stating that they will proceed according to the law once the mother’s health permits. As of now, the focus remains on ensuring the physical well-being of the mother while the tragic circumstances surrounding the incident are yet to be fully unravelled.

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