Day Two (April 12) of the “Seven Dangerous Days” in Phuket ended without any fatalities keeping the island without any fatalities for the Songkran reporting period.

The Department of Disaster Prevention & Mitigation is making daily announcements declaring the statistics for the last 24 hours.

But there were five accidents on the island’s roads including three in the Muang District and two in Kathu District. Thalang District was free of accidents for the Thursday 24 hour period. A total of five people were injured in the accidents.

Police report that drunk and reckless driving is still the cause of most accidents and that motorbike riders not wearing helmets is the cause of most motorbike injuries.

Of the people pulled up by police in the 24 hour reporting period 386 were driving without a licence, 74 weren’t wearing seatbelts, 61 were speeding and 44 ran a red light.

26 people were nabbed for using a mobile phone whilst driving on Phuket’s roads.

The official Songkran reporting period will continue until next Tuesday at midnight.

Nationally, 99 people have been killed with another 1,085 injured after the first two days. Police say they’ve caught nearly 60,000 drunk drivers so far.

The number of accidents, injuries, and deaths on the road has increased this year, since on the second day of the 2017 Songkran holiday’s seven dangerous days there had been 994 accidents, 1,035 injured people, and 95 deaths.


- Tanutam Thawan