Cash clash: Temple abbot stabbed over 20-baht in Phuket

Photo via Facebook/ Phuket Times ภูเก็ตไทม์

A suspected drug addict stabbed an abbot from the Phra Thong Temple in Phuket after the monk delayed giving the attacker 20 baht in cash.

Officers from Thalang Police Station investigated Phra Thong Temple after being notified of the stabbing at around 11pm on May 19. The temple’s abbot, Phra Kru Suwan Phuttapiban, was the victim. He sustained a stab wound to his chest and was rushed to the hospital.

According to the police report, the male attacker, whose identity remains unknown, entered the temple on the night of May 19, approached the abbot and asked for 20 baht in cash. The abbot did not have any cash with him, so he asked another monk to bring the cash to the man.

The attacker then became impatient and unexpectedly stabbed the abbot in the chest, causing him to collapse to the ground.

The attacker attempted to stab the monk again but the victim screamed for help, prompting the attacker to flee the scene on his motorcycle. Police believe that the man lived near the temple and was addicted to drugs.

The Phuket Times reported yesterday, May 20, that the attacker’s motorcycle, a red Honda Scoopy, was found near Phuket International Airport. A bloody knife used in the incident was found in the vehicle.

The attacker continued his escape by stealing a motorcycle, a red Yamaha QBIX, that a local had parked outside a convenience store near the airport. Police officers are now investigating the route the attacker used to escape to bring him to justice.

The abbot is reported to be in a stable condition now. Locals expressed their concerns about the abbot’s symptoms and wanted the police to arrest the attacker as soon as possible.

Locals revealed that the abbot was a good monk and had a kind heart. He always helped and responded to every request from locals.

Some suspected the abbot of being involved with drugs, saying it was strange for the monk to wander around late at night. However, locals defended the monk, saying he had to patrol at night because teenagers frequently gathered at an out-of-sight spot in the temple.

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