Australian man arrested in Phuket for damaging van mirror in road rage incident

Photo by Wichit Police via The Phuket News.

Phuket police apprehended an Australian man for causing damage to a passenger van in a road rage incident, specifically targeting the vehicle’s rear-view mirrors. The man, identified only as Navale, was taken into custody following a complaint received by Wichit Police yesterday morning, The Phuket News reported.

According to the police report, Navale and an individual named Haider from Dubai were involved in the attack on the van, which was registered in Songkhla province. The two men allegedly damaged the van’s side mirrors by hand, an act caught on video by a good samaritan who provided the footage to the police.

Upon receiving the complaint, officers located Navale and brought him to Wichit Police Station. Haider, however, managed to flee the scene and is currently being sought by the authorities. Navale confessed to the police that he and his friend had indeed attacked the van’s mirrors, stating their actions were prompted by anger at the van driver, who had honked his horn and chased them while driving dangerously close to their vehicle, reports Phuket News.

In response to their actions, Navale has been charged with “threatening other people and causing loss of property” and is now facing legal prosecution. Wichit Police have declined to provide further details about the incident or any possible provocation from the van driver, stating that the reporter would need to present himself in person to obtain additional information.

Earlier this month, there were two other road rage incidents in Phuket.

On May 9, a British man punched a tuk tuk taxi driver in Patong following a crash late at night. The incident occurred after a group of foreign motorbike riders, including the suspect, crashed into a parked tuk tuk taxi.

Another altercation between a foreign man and a Phuket cab driver was reported on the very same night. The taxi driver had parked his car and was waiting for customers. A foreign motorbike rider stopped his bike in front of the taxi, prompting the driver to honk his horn and ask the rider to move out of the way. The rider became angry and allegedly gave him the middle finger before hitting the taxi’s window with his hand. The rider’s motorbike also reportedly collided with the right door of the taxi, causing damage.

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