Altercation between foreigner and Phuket cab driver makes waves

Screen grab of altercation in Phuket between cab driver and foreigner.

An altercation between a foreign motorbike rider and a Phuket cab driver is making waves. The popular Facebook page Phuket Times reported that the incident happened in front of a famous nightclub in Kamala.

In a post early yesterday morning, the page wrote that the taxi driver, Adisak, had parked his car and was waiting for customers. A foreign motorbike rider stopped his bike in front of the taxi, prompting Adisak to honk his horn and ask the rider to move out of the way.

The rider became angry and allegedly gave him the middle finger before hitting the taxi’s window with his hand. The rider’s motorbike also reportedly collided with the right door of the taxi, causing damage.

A video of the incident is included in the post’s comments.

The rider then fled the scene, but Adisak filed a report with the Kamala Police on Tuesday night. The police are currently reviewing camera footage to try and identify the foreign rider for questioning.

In another recent altercation in Phuket, a motorbike taxi driver was fined and ordered to attend behaviour training after a verbal abuse incident. A motorbike taxi driver in Patong was fined 2,500 baht and ordered to attend eight hours of mandatory behaviour training after verbally abusing and threatening a woman who declined to use his service. The incident came to light after a video of the altercation gained traction online.

In the video, the driver can be seen verbally abusing the woman, using vulgar language and threatening her. She later informed reporters that the driver had initially offered a fare of 70 baht, which she declined, as she knew the fare should only be 50 baht. He then offered a fare of 60 baht, but she still refused. The woman expressed fear during the incident, noting the few people around at the time and the passing of only a couple of foreigners.

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