Chon Buri cannabis store vandalism turns into a blaze of gunfire

Picture courtesy of Siam Chon News.

A cannabis store in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri province fell victim to vandalism twice, with the second attack escalating to gunfire, perpetrated by masked youths.

Sakda Niempai, the proprietor, revealed that his shop, situated opposite the Bang Saray Night Market, was the target of two assaults by a group of teenagers. CCTV footage documented both incidents, prompting the 29 year old Sakda to file a report with Sattahip police.

The first incident occurred three days ago when a group of teenagers arrived in a sedan. They exited the vehicle with a baseball bat, threatening Sakda in the middle of the street, and challenging him to come outside and face them.

The CCTV footage clearly showed the suspects’ faces, but since no damage was done, Sakda did not initially report the incident to the police.

The second incident took place around 1am yesterday when two masked men, believed to be part of the same group, entered the Chon Buri shop and vandalised it. They left behind a machete and an unopened soda bottle before fleeing on a motorcycle. Sakda and his friends, who were present at the time, chased after the suspects but failed to catch them.

Sakda also reported hearing three loud bangs and seeing what resembled gunshots coming from the suspects. He expressed confusion over why his shop was targeted and has urged the police to swiftly track down the teenagers and bring them to justice.

“I heard three loud bangs and saw flashes of light, which looked like gunshots.

“I have no idea why this group of teenagers vandalised my shop, as I have never had any trouble with anyone.”

Local police are currently investigating the incidents and reviewing the CCTV footage to identify the suspects. Sakda hopes for a quick resolution to ensure the safety of his shop, customers and surrounding area in the future, reported The Pattaya News.

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