Naked German man’s pre-dawn rant shocks Central Pattaya Beach

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In the tranquil pre-dawn hours of yesterday, an unusual incident shook the serene environs of Central Pattaya Beach in Nongprue, as residents discovered an unidentified male wanderer, sans clothing. The naked foreign man, estimated to be approximately 50 years old, was found loudly muttering to himself near the scenic Pattaya Beach, exhibiting erratic behaviour that startled the neighbourhood.

Pattaya City Police, led by Captain Sonthaya Khonsap, arrived at the scene soon after being alerted by the bewildered residents. The incident was decidedly unusual, with the naked foreign man continuing his unabated monologue, seeming to be engrossed in various global political concerns. Despite the earnest attempts by the police to communicate with him, the man’s utterances proved indecipherable to the officers, reported The Pattaya News.

Following continual negotiations that lasted approximately 15 minutes, the captive audience of law enforcement officers was finally successful in convincing the naked man to accompany them to the Pattaya Police Station. The gentleman, however, made it clear that full cooperation could not be expected as he adamantly refused to share his identity.

Based on the gentleman’s accent, initial speculation suggests German origins, although this could not be irrefutably confirmed, according to TPN media. As of yesterday afternoon, with the man still in detention, police were exerting every effort to identify him definitively. The outlandish behaviour and subsequent resistance towards police intervention have led police to speculate on potential mental health problems, or possible abuse of substances such as alcohol or drugs.

In May, a naked British man on a rampage in Pattaya attacked an Australian tourist with a beer bottle until the tourist’s face was covered in blood.

In that incident, officers at Pattaya City Police Station were informed around 10.30pm that a foreigner was assaulted and injured at the Tahitian Queen Agogo bar on Pattaya Beach Road in Nong Prue subdistrict in Bang Lamung district.

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