Thailand’s ONCB hosts dialogue following decriminalisation of cannabis and kratom

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Hot on the trail of the decriminalisation of cannabis and kratom, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) hosted a dialogue dubbed Perspectives and Feedbacks After Cannabis and Kratom Left the Narcotics Act. The main aim of the discourse was to amass opinions from various stakeholders, focusing on methods to protect the youth and children from potential abuse of these two medicinal plants.

Tawee Sodsong, in his capacity as the Minister of Justice, clarified the intent behind revoking the narcotics status of cannabis and kratom. The move was to tap into their medicinal properties and economic potential, while also preserving age-old traditional usage of kratom across several areas of Thailand.

Nonetheless, he raised concerns about the increased accessibility and potential recreational use of these plants, especially among the younger generation, following their removal from the narcotics list.

Sodsong noted the broad spectrum of participants in the discussion. Attendees included experts in narcotics, academics, and other individuals with law enforcement backgrounds. The diverse group shared their perspectives on the current situation and deliberated on the changes induced following the reclassification of cannabis and kratom.

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The urgent need for monitoring measures, aimed at curbing the spread of cannabis and kratom among children and youth, was highlighted. Additionally, the call for enhancing public awareness regarding the potential harms of cannabis and kratom misuse was echoed across the board.

The discussion agenda encompassed two main themes. The first was the exploration of the implications of de-listing cannabis and kratom from the narcotics roster. The second was to brainstorm policy suggestions to prevent the escalation of cannabis and kratom abuse, reported Pattaya News.

The ONCB has taken on the responsibility of consolidating the information and insights garnered from the discussion. This will be translated into policy guidelines, designed to prevent the misuse of cannabis and kratom, ensuring their use remains beneficial and non-harmful.

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